Have you ever had a dream that you quickly dismissed? It was too far out there. It would surely be too difficult. Where would you start? It would take FOREVER to see it come to a fruition. Would God REALLY help YOU fulfill that dream?

Too often we place God in a box. We pray safe prayers. We try safe things. Eliminating the opportunity for more. For audacious faith that trusts in God to do the improbable. Even the impossible.

When FUSE started in 2011 we thought our dream was audacious. We desired to see hundreds of students impacted by the Gospel. While we recognize that God has used us to make a significant impact in the lives of thousands of students, the burden to do more has only increased. It’s time to stop playing it safe. Our desire is to go BEYOND...

What is Beyond?

Beyond is an initiative with a three part vision…

  1. To raise up an army of people who want to intentionally leverage their lives for the sake of reaching College Students with the Gospel.
  2. To raise funds to be leveraged toward equipment, materials, and scholarships to enable us to increase our impact at ECU and Pitt Community College.
  3. To develop an intern program with the purpose of discipling and training student leaders and young grads to be sent out as campus missionaries to colleges and universities across the state.

Our Goal:

To create an intern program as early as the fall of 2018 to raise up and equip young leaders. To send out young leaders to launch a gospel centered ministry on another college campus as early as 2020.

Our Need:

  1. We need you to pray Luke 10:2 prayers. Pray that God would raise up men and women to partner with us as we journey toward impacting students with the Gospel.
  2. We need financial support. Whether it’s a one time gift or a recurring gift, you can give confidently and securely to the vision God has given us, knowing that 100% of the money will go directly toward reaching College Students.