Advice for New Students – Brock Marsh

You’re here or about to be! It’s East Carolina University! Pirate Nation!

I imagine you are super pumped, as I was. Getting your first taste of freedom from home, not having to hear someone yell at you to do something. You make the decisions now. Those were my thoughts going into my first semester of college. I was ready to have the time of my life at the school that everyone knows as “the party school.” I left behind all of what little faith I had in Jesus back home. I was doing what I thought had to be done to make friends and a life I would love.

Eventually, I found myself on the floor of my dorm room with a heart full of sorrow and a feeling of emptiness. Everything I thought I wanted turned me into the person I never saw myself becoming. Having no one to help me through the pain, I found myself finding what I thought I left at home, Jesus.

I prayed and asked for forgiveness and for HIM to change my life. After seeing a poster about FUSE College Ministry hanging in the hallway of my dorm, I decided to give it a shot. Little did I know at the time, this community of people would lead me closer to the Lord than I ever imagined. Coming to FUSE will become the best part of your week!  After coming to FUSE, I felt led to join a small group. If it wasn’t for this group of guys helping keep me accountable and open about everything, I would still be stuck in the same valley on my dorm room floor. Eventually, I began to serve on the set-up and greeting teams. FUSE is where your brokenness is welcome and is a place to worship OUR KING with all your best friends. God Loves You Dude!

I can’t wait for the fall semester and to see what the Lord has in store for each and every one of you! See you August 21st at 7pm! 🙂


When you’re packing, don’t forget to bring your Bible and a heart to serve the Lord.

Also, wear shower shoes!

Wishing y’all the best of luck and see ya soon,

Brock Marsh