The Residency at FUSE is a 32 week ministry leadership development program designed for Seniors in College or Recent Graduates.  The program is designed for those who are seeking to grow in their practical ministry experience, be personally challenged in their walks with The Lord, and developed as leaders. Stretching them as individuals and pushing them as high-capacity leaders to the next level in their ministry careers.  The intent of the Residency is to equip, empower, and ignite the next generation of ministry leaders with the tools needed to go out and be powerful leaders in what God has called them to do.


The Need To Knows ::

  • Each year we will have three Residents that can choose from either a Ministry & Leadership Residency or a Creative Residency.  Each Residency will share in its core structure and teachings; however the focus of the individual Resident will vary.
  • The Residency begins each year in late August and culminates at the beginning of May. (Exact dates will be reflective of the academic school calendar.)
  • Work hours will be 20 hours per week – compensated at $10/hr.
  • Each Resident is responsible for fundraising $1,000 of support for the year.

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