Nick Widgeon

Testimony photo: Nick Widgeon

When you come to college a lot of obstacles come your way. Making friends, being out from under the roof of your parents, and making your own decisions are just a few.  If you are already a Christian, two of the most noticeable obstacles are the testing of your faith and trying to stay connected with like-minded people. That can be sort of a daunting statement but at the same time an incredible opportunity. We are called to love one another as we love ourselves (Matt 22:39), and the strongest way to do that is to support each other, and connect with one another.

As the college ministry out of Ignite Church, FUSE has been a great way for students to connect on ECU’s campus for almost 4 years. Hundreds of students come every week for the weekly (worship) gathering, yet also has small groups that meet during the week that take the time to invest in each one of its student’s lives to really connect on a personal level.

I can say from experience that small groups are the most important thing that FUSE does. As a leader, its refreshing to take on the challenge of leading people in God’s word, and walk with others as we learn more about how to truly study what the bible is teaching us. Small groups are also an amazing to learn and talk about things that maybe you had never thought of.

Your first year of college (and specifically your first semester) is critical when it comes to your college experience. Getting connected with an organization like FUSE will provide opportunities to grow in your relationship with God and other students. Join us for FUSE Tuesday nights at 8pm in Mendenhall. You won’t regret it.

Nick Widgeon