Welcome Back Liz…

Over the past five and a half years of ministry, we’ve seen God continue to bless our ministry tremendously. As we’ve grown larger, there has been an increased need for more leaders to help pour into and facilitate the wide scope of our ministry. I’m so excited to be able to welcome back Liz (a former student and intern), who will be serving FUSE as the Associate Director. Liz is a phenomenal leader and communicator, and will be a tremendous asset to our ministry. Among other things, she will take the lead role in regard to women’s ministry and discipling and counseling female students. -Josh


FUSE! What is up?! I am PUMPED up about this semester and all that God has in store for us- I know our greatest days are ahead of us.  I am praying and believing that THIS year in THESE days we are going to see God do exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond all that we could ask or imagine.  Its gonna be L I T.

A lot of changes are happening around FUSE… one of them being me! So, I wanted to take a few moments to introduce (or reintroduce) myself to y’all.  First things first, my name is Elizabeth Brantley…but everyone calls me Liz. I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina with my folks, David and Kathryn and my older brother, Thomas. I graduated from Millbrook High School in 2009 and became an ECU pirate fall semester of 2009.  I graduated four years later with a degree in Communications and a concentration in Interpersonal and Organizational Communications. After graduation, I had the honor and privilege of being an intern for FUSE and was given the space and freedom to explore my calling to work with college students.  It was in that year that Jesus ignited a fire in me that I would later learn could not be extinguished. Upon completion of my internship, I felt a calling to move to Wilmington, NC.  I moved there with no job and no real plan, just trusting that God would take care of me.  While in Wilmington, I was given the opportunity to be a nanny and also work within corporate America as a Financial Services Representative for a state-wide financial institution.

While I know full well God used both of those jobs to teach me, shape me, and introduce me to people that would forever mark my life- I knew I was called to more.  In January of 2017, God sealed in my heart an unprecedented desire to move back to Greenville and work with college students through FUSE in partnership with Ignite Church.  So, here we are.  I am a spikeball playing, adventure seeking, foodie who loves Jesus and believes that He truly can work all things for our good and His Glory.  I earnestly believe I have a comeback kid story that is laced with Jesus’ love, grace and redemption. I KNOW that you have a story, a past and a purpose.  I also KNOW God wants to use every piece of you to draw others to Him. My hope and prayer is that together, we can grow and help lead students to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. I’m passionate about y’all and doing life with y’all.  I am excited beyond belief to meet y’all and begin growing with y’all. Here’s to an awesome year! LETS GOOOOOO! – Liz